The dive team is made up of thirteen divers, 2 trainees and various members trained as tenders. The team does surface & underwater rescue, recovery, and ice rescue to name a few things. This unit has a designated vehicle(7106) along with four boats (7116,7126,7136, 7146) pictured below. 7117 is also used to tow boats along with the command trucks.

7106- 2002 GMC, Built in house

7116- 16' Zodic 

West Tuckerton Volunteer Fire Company Inc

7126- 14' flat bottom

7136-17' Rigid Hull 90hp


Dive Captain:

D.J. Gibson


Tom Bramhall

Brian Bramhall

Anthony D'Andrea

JR Delnero

DJ  Gibson

Calvin Morey

Cathy Shahinian

Rob Shahinian

Mike Stallard

Mario Vitulli


Andrew Porter

Lewie Letts