Dive Captain:

Anthony D'Andrea


Tom Bramhall
Brian Bramhall
Anthony D'Andrea
DJ  Gibson

Calvin Morey
Cathy Shahinian
Rob Shahinian

Buddy Ott
Mario Vitulli

Lewie Letts
Jason Cowens


Andrew Porter

Joe Hanah


West Tuckerton Volunteer Fire Company Inc

The dive team is made up of thirteen divers, and various members trained as tenders. The team does surface & underwater rescue, recovery, and ice rescue to name a few things. This unit has a designated vehicle(7106) along with four boats (7116,7126,7136, 7146) pictured below. 7117 is also used to tow boats along with the command vehicles.

7126- 14' flat bottom

7136-17' Rigid Hull 90hp

7116- 16' Zodic