West Tuckerton Volunteer Fire Company Inc

Drills - are held the second and third Tuesdays of every month @ 19:00hrs

Meetings - are held first Tuesday of each month @ 20:00hrs

Directors Meetings - are held third Friday of each month @ 19:30hrs

Auxiliary Meetings - are held the fourth Tuesday of each month @ 18:00hrs

Commissioner Meetings - are held the second Monday of each month @ 19:00hrs


We are so excited to announce our 25th Annual Gift Auction! Tickets will be available for purchase starting Friday, February 24th 2023. Tickets are limited!
Tickets can be purchased through Paypal or in person. Dates will be posted.
Tickets in person are $10
If purchasing through Paypal and wanting to add a value pack, admission plus the value pack amount need to be paid.
$11 admission online
$11 admission + $25 bronze = $36
$11 admission + $45 silver = $56
$11 admission + $75 gold = $86
price is higher online to cover Paypals fees.
Please include a comment of how many tickets and if any value packs are included in your PayPal payment.
Doors open at 11am
Calling Starts at 1pm
Admission $10 that includes 2 sheets of tickets for level 1.
Three Value Packs are available for puchase:
Gold $75 ($83 value) only for presale
Silver $45 ($50 value) presale and day of.
Bronze $25 ($28 value) presale and day of.
No one under 18 is permitted on the premise or able to play.
We have 10 levels of prizes!
Hope to see you all!!